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Perfect solution if you are looking for a residence or apartment with charging stations for your car

Charging for electric cars

The environmental issue can no longer be deferred and we must immediately adopt all those measures that allow us to have less impact on nature. Also for this reason, fortunately, the number of people choosing an electric car is growing more and more. Yes, but how to organize yourself? Where to stop for charging? Which structure to choose? We gladly answer that you can stop here, at the Diano Sporting Apartments residence in Diano Marina, on the Riviera dei Fiori, not far from the French border.

We make you available

  • Charging stations for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles
  • AC (alternating current) charging via type 2 connectors (European standard for charging stations)
  • Speeds up to 11kW, based on network availability at the time
    Upon request you can book your parking space with charging, so you can really leave without worries.

We are waiting for you, EV travelers are welcome!

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